: Chinatown JKD Association

As amended 12 January 2013

Article 1: The Association

Section 1
The name of this organization is the Chinatown JKD Association, hereafter designated as the CJKDA.
Section 2
The Headquarters of the CJKDA is located in Upland, CA.

Article 2: Objective

Section 1
This Association aims to promote and preserve the teachings of Bruce Lee's Chinatown-era Jeet Kune Do; and to generate greater interest in the art with the general public and as practiced in its member schools and study groups worldwide.
Section 2
CJKDA intends to insure high standards in the art of Jeet Kune Do by providing systematic guidelines for the teaching and practice of Jeet Kune Do by its members.
Section 3
CJKDA intends to improve the professional teaching competence of its practitioners in Chinatown JKD by providing educational products (, seminars and instructor development workshops. It will also provide guidelines for the conduct of its members.
The CJKDA will:
  • • Provide competent instruction for members in the art of Chinatown-era Jeet Kune Do.
  • • Develop training programs for students and instructors alike.
  • • Improve the standards of members with previous JKD training.
  • • Award lower level and instructor grade ranking as outline by the curriculum and grading guidelines.
  • • Adjucate in any conflicts between instructors and study group leaders.
  • • Organize methods of training and communications for instructors.

Article 3: Organization

Section 1
All appointments in the CJKDA shall be made by the board of directors of Chinatown JKD, LLC, including the appointment of senior advisors and additional board members. Appointments to the board will be made by Chinatown JKD, LLC and the senior advisors ONLY.
Section 2
An appointed board member of the CJKDA may hold more than one position.
Section 3
All positions in the CJKDA are appointed and held by the will of Chinatown JKD, LLC. Board members can be removed from their position for any cause and at any time. Barring such, the board member shall serve until such time as he/she is incapacitated or until he/she resigns.
Reasons For Dismissal From Appointed Positions:
  • • Failure to abide by CJKDA policies and guidelines.
  • • Failure to satisfactorily perform official duties of the appointed office.
  • • Insubordination to CJKDA Officers of Senior position.
  • • Verbal abuse of CJKDA members of any rank or grade; or practitioners of other styles/systems.
  • • Serious legal or moral infractions.
  • • Drug or alcohol abuse.

Article 4: Duties Of Chinatown JKD, LLC and Board Members

Section 1
All Officers of the CJKDA shall abide by the rules and policies as set forth by Chinatown JKD, LLC.
Section 2
• Chinatown JKD, LLC is responsible for its administration, policies, and it's Officers. It is the company's task to see that the CJKDA policies are set forth and maintained.
• Chinatown JKD, LLC will appoint senior advisors, board members and other appointments as it sees fit.
• CJKDA members can submit, for recommendation, names to fill the Rank Advisory Board, Regional / Country Representatives, but is the company's final decision as to who will fill the positions.
Section 3
Chief Training Officer:
• The Chief Training Officer shall be at least Full Instructor in rank, preferably Senior Full Instructor.
• The Chief Training Officer shall monitor all the standards of CJKDA member schools, review curriculum, and council the board members of Chinatown JKD, LLC.
• The Chief Training Officer shall receive their commissions by Chinatown JKD, LLC. They will maintain and regulate requirements within member schools and study groups to insure the highest quality.
• The Chief Training Officer may appoint assistants and upon notifying CJKDA board, the said appointed assistants will receive a charter of appointment.
• These individuals will work directly with the Chief Training Officer accordingly. Such individuals may receive title recognitions as Senior Training Instructors by written request of thee Chief Training Officer to the CJKDA Board.
Section 4
CJKDA Advisory Board:
• The Advisory Board shall consist of members who hold at least the rank of Associate Instructor in Chinatown JKD. Appointment to the Board shall be made by recommendation of the members of Chinatown JKD, LLC.
• The Board's duties are to regulate member schools, and also act as a tribunal for settling major internal disputes, and for adjudicating grievances.
• Members of the Board are to support the Chinatown JKD schools in their region. They may also be given permission to issue Apprentice Instructorships as designated by Chinatown JKD, LLC.

Article 5: Membership

Section 1
Membership into the CJKDA is achieved via guidelines as set forth in
Section 2
All members of the CJKDA are expected to support this organization by attending and sponsoring functions for participation by the membership at large.
Section 3
All members are expected to uphold the highest standards of training and conduct as expected by the CJKDA.
Section 4
Termination of Membership:
• Head instructors and their schools who fail to abide by CJKDA policy, or who fail to keep their membership active may be terminated from membership in the CJKDA.
• Individual membership may be terminated by the governing body or head instructor for the following reasons; drug abuse, alcohol abuse, crimes of severe legal nature, insubordination and disrespect to CJKDA Officers or other appointed delegates, verbal abuse of fellow students or other Martial Arts disciplines, and/or other infractions.
• Individuals who demonstrate a lack of Martial Art Attitude with their Seniors or their Peers can similarly be cut-off from the CJKDA.
• Terminations of individual membership shall be forwarded to the CJKDA board so that he/she may make record of same. Representatives and Senior CJKDA Officers are expected to make fair hearing prior to terminating any membership.

Article 6: Privileges of Membership

Section 1
All members in good standing with the CJKDA shall enjoy the full instructional resources and services of the CJKDA.
Section 2
The CJKDA shall provide a full chain-of-command for members for instruction, advice, redress of grievances, and other Association matters.
Section 3
The CJKDA shall provide for full certification of all members, ranking, and title recognitions that shall be worldwide.
Section 4
The CJKDA shall provide qualified advisors for its member schools.
Section 5
All member services shall be maintained at reasonable cost to achieve one of the goals of the CJKDA, which is to make Chinatown JKD available to anyone who desires to learn the curriculum of Chinatown-era JKD.

Article 7: Promotions in the CJKDA

Section 1
Instructor Rank:
• Instructors who have Jeet Kune Do ranking from other organizations may be allowed to retain their rank as set forth in these by-laws (no higher than "Full Instructor" status will be granted).
• However, advancement to another, usually higher, rank depends upon the satisfactory fulfillment of rank requirements.
• All instructors with rank from other organizations will receive a 1-year probationary instructor certificate whereby they will receive their "full" rank recognition upon completion of the first full year of membership (as an instructor).

Additionally, the student must:
1. verify time-in-grade by certificate date, necessary for retention of rank and
2. be a member of the CJKDA for one year's duration to obtain promotion to the next grade.
3. attend at least one Instructor Development Workshop during the year (in which they become a member and request rank)
4. an apprentice instructor must be a minimum of 18 years of age (no exceptions).

• Retainment of current rank does not guarantee the same rank in the Chinatown JKD curriculum taught by the CJKDA.
• All rank advancements in the CJKDA, regardless of grade, is dependent on demonstration of one's current skill and the knowledge of the CJKDA curriculum to the satisfaction of the Chief Training Officer.
• Instructors who have credentials from other organizations and who wish the same grade with the CJKDA certification must be a member of the CJKDA for one year's duration and also demonstrate that they are willing to teach the CJKDA curriculum in their member school as well as demonstrate their proficiency in the Chinatown JKD curriculum.
Section 2
• The Chief Training Officer of the CJKDA may promote up to and including his/her own grade.
• All other instructors may promote up to the one grade below their own. Promotion is subject to approval by the Chinatown JKD Association.
• A video tape of all such tests will be sent to the Chief Training Officer for review and approval for promotion. The video may be waived if the CTO or other qualified instructors attends the test.
Section 3
Instructor Testing Eligibility:
• 3rd rank students who seek to test for apprentice instructor grade should have their names submitted in writing 120 days prior to the test date to their instructor (who will submit the application to headquarters).
• The apprentice instructorship certificate is issued as a 1-year probationary certificate. Upon the completion of the 1st year as an Apprentice Instructor, the candidate will be initiated as "Apprentice Instructor".

Article 8: General Summary and Review

Section 1
The Chinatown JKD Association is an organization that has been established for the preservation of Chinatown-era Jeet Kune Do and to provide members with thorough and competent instruction in this system.
Section 2
The CJKDA is not directly affiliated with any other JKD organization. However, it is our desire to promote good will among other organizations and instructors of other lineages.
Section 3
The designated Officers of the CJKDA shall endeavor to "choose the right" and promote good will among all members and fellow Martial Artists from all styles.
Section 4
It shall be CJKDA policy that no student shall be allowed to test for Apprentice Instructor unless they have attended two (2) seminars as attended by CJKDA board members and/or senior advisors.
Section 5
Obligations of the CJKDA:
• To instruct members in a thorough and competent manner.
• To promote members in a fair and impartial manner using methods that are uniform and unbiased.
• To insure for uniformity in training requirements and to make it mandatory that all promotion and rank requirements are standard and unbiased.
• To deliver all materials to head instructors in a prompt and efficient manner.
• To insure that all CJKDA fees are maintained in a fair and reasonable fashion to reduce cost to individual and schools.

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