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Member Listing & Services

Find an instructor, training partner, or meetup group in your area. Individuals with Charter or Full memberships in the association and those persons that we feel deserve recognition for their contributions to Chinatown JKD are listed below.

The 'Supporting Members' section is not a complete list of the many people that have contributed in one way or another to and the efforts of the Chinatown JKD Association.

Official Instructors

These individuals teach the full Chinatown JKD program and issue ranking to other members.

Ranked Members

Members holding official rank in Chinatown Jeet Kune Do. This includes 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Ranks.

Student Trainers

These members have been evaluated in-person and given permission to teach the material from their level.

JKD Study Groups (Meetups)

Find training partners in your area who are working through the Chinatown JKD program via

Supporting Members

These individuals have provided either financial, technical, or other support to the Chinatown JKD Association.

Angelico Tolentino Aaron Testerman Vincent Vulpes
Louis Gordon Arthur Ligopantis Joel Brown
Ilias Cotoulas Art Flores Rossi Lujan
Alex Hughes Robert Mendieta Jr. George Mamas
Jacob Tackett Kwoklyn Wan Jason Cruz

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