About Us

What is the Chinatown JKD Association?

The Chinatown JKD Association serves as a platform for dissemination of the Jeet Kune Do material taught by Bruce Lee and Dan Inosanto at the Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute: Los Angeles Branch, while maintaining a focus on personalization and continued growth in the martial arts as advocated by Sijo Lee.

The first phase of Chinatown JKD's mission to preserve and promote Jeet Kune Do involves the production and distribution of online training modules consisting of the foundational material ("Original JKD") plus supplementary techniques and strategies derived from other arts which fit the JKD structure and increase our usable knowledge.

Bob Bremer & Jim Sewell

Jim Sewell & Bob BremerAs first generation students of Bruce Lee, Bob Bremer & Jim Sewell were the inspiration for the Chinatown JKD program. They provided unique insight into the training methods and practices that were part of Sijo Lee’s classes at the Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute: Los Angeles Chinatown Branch. Bob Bremer achieved the rank of Senior 2nd during his time at the Chinatown School. Jim Sewell earned a 1st rank certificate.

Sifu Bremer passed away on October 13th, 2012. His impact on our training cannot be overstated. He will continue to be credited as an Advisor to the Chinatown JKD Association. Sifu Jim Sewell passed away in February of 2017 but will also maintain the title of Advisor.