Testing and Evaluation

All Student Level evaluations through Level 3 may be completed via video or in-person. All “Senior” ranks (and instructor level ranking) evaluations must be completed IN PERSON at a live Trainer Development Workshop (TDW).

Once you are confident in your ability to perform the techniques, combinations and drills as outlined within the Chinatown JKD / JKDLessons.com curriculum and Evaluation Check list, you are ready to test for 1st – 3rd Rank using one of the following two methods:

A. Video Evaluation

In order to test for 1st – 3rd Rank, a student must submit their video evaluation according to the Evaluation Checklist (coming soon). The student must record themselves and submit the video in the exact format and specifications as outlined at the beginning of the Evaluation Checklist.

The evaluation requires that you:

  • Have a training partner to perform the techniques and drills. We also recommend you have someone read the Evaluation Check List while you are filming the test.
  • Film each segment of the evaluation checklist as one continuous shot (no breaks).

B. Live Evaluation

A student may also test for 1st – 3rd Rank at a Chinatown JKD sanctioned workshop, a scheduled evaluation seminar, with an authorized instructor of Chinatown JKD association, or at the Chinatown JKD Headquarters in Southern California (by appointment only).

Here are some things to consider when testing “live”:

  • Training Partner – You may bring your current training partner to your evaluation. If you don’t have one (or the person is unable to travel) we will provide one for you.
  • Remain Calm – Live evaluations tend to increase the stress levels. Remain calm and relaxed during your test and don’t rush through the techniques.
  • Be Prepared – make sure you know the material thoroughly before you decide to test at a live event. With video evaluations, you have the luxury to re-shoot the video… with the live tests there’s only one take.

To test in person, please contact us via the Contact Form. One of our staff will get back to you.


Whether or not you decide to test by video or live, all tests start at 100%. You will be deducted 1% for each error (that we deem to be significant).

The following are some of the qualities we look for during testing:

  • Structure: Proper structure during all movements. You need to display economy of movement during techniques. Make sure that you keep relaxed during your movements with efficient use of energy.
  • Power & Explosiveness: Display power in all striking techniques. All techniques should also display explosiveness (where warranted). This is a hallmark of Chinatown JKD and we expect our students to hit hard.
  • Execution: Precise and correct execution of techniques (as they are taught in the video lessons).

After each test you will receive your score with a written evaluation which includes constructive feedback on your performance (so you can fine tune your skill-set).

Passing grade for your test is 80%. If you have more than 20% in deductions, you will receive additional information on how you can correct your mistakes so you can re-test again at a later date.

If you pass the test with a grade of 80% or above and your score has been authorized by a senior Chinatown JKD instructor, you will receive a “Certificate of Completion” and be invited to study and later test for the next rank.

In order to become a “Senior” rank, you will be required to pass the test at 90% or above and attend a TDW (see below).


1st Rank is possibly the most important rank in Chinatown JKD since it signifies your commitment to JKD and that you have learned all of the fundamental techniques and combinations. After you have completed the Level 1 curriculum on JKDLessons.com, you have the opportunity to test for your certificate of completion and receive: 1st Rank.

The minimum time requirement for Level 1 is 6 months of training (using the JKDLessons.com curriculum) prior to application for testing.

To qualify for your certificate you must complete the entire Level 1 course as outlined by Chinatown JKD and JKDLessons.com; demonstrate your mastery of required techniques, and meet the minimum time requirement for the level.


Coming soon…


Coming soon…

The “Senior” ranks, e.g. Senior 1st and Senior 2nd are Student Trainer ranks.

In order to test to become a student trainer, one must first pass the corresponding rank evaluations and score 90% or higher, and attend a TDW (Trainer Development Workshop) or schedule an appointment with an instructor at the Chinatown JKD HQ. If you scored below 90% during your test, you may re-submit a new test for re-evaluation.

A prospective student trainer must demonstrate and display proficiency in the curriculum as well as teaching ability by teaching a randomly selected set of techniques from the curriculum corresponding to their Level.

All graduation from the TDW will be based solely upon performance.

Each candidate must also comply with all administrative rules of the Chinatown JKD Association and be a member of good standing in the association.