Association Reps

Kai Li - Hawaiian Representative


Kai Li is an Associate Instructor of Chinatown JKD, a Full Instructor in Jeet Kune Do under Richard Bustillo and Burton Richardson, as well as a Full Instructor in James DeMile’s Wing Chun Do. His knowledge of different lineages and ‘flavors’ of JKD make him an ideal representative for Jeet Kune Do in Hawaii.

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Mick Thornton - East Coast USA Representative


Mick Thornton is a Full Instructor under the JKD Wednesday Night Group as well as an Instructor in our organization. He has trained extensively with Tim Tackett, Jim McCann, and many of the other WNG Senior Instructors. Mick is located in Philadelphia, PA.

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Christian Kluge - German Representative


Christian Kluge is an Assistant Instructor under Tim Tackett, Jeremy Lynch, and the Chinatown JKD Association / JKD Wednesday Night Group. He has been practicing Jeet Kune Do for 13 years and makes multiple trips to the United States each year for training with our Senior Instructors.

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Scott Pratt - UK Representative


Scott Pratt holds the rank of Associate Instructor under the Chinatown JKD Association and the JKD Wednesday Night Group. He has trained with all of the Senior Instructors including Tim Tackett, Dennis Blue, and Jeremy Lynch.

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