Student Trainers

Members that have achieved student trainer status in levels 1 or 2. These individuals can perform all of the material within their level with at least 80% proficiency as well as being able to teach it. They are not official instructors.

3rd Rank (Senior)
Paul Kim
Redlands, CA
3rd Rank (Senior 2nd)
Paul Monje
Rowland Heights, CA
3rd Rank (Senior 2nd)
William Lui
Pasadena, CA
Senior 2nd
Bryan Stoops
New York, NY
Senior 2nd
Robert Doggett
Okinawa, Japan
Senior 2nd
Phillip Palmejar
San Diego, CA
Senior 2nd
Raffi Gabriel
Los Angeles, CA
Senior 2nd
Dan Knight
Amarillo, TX
Senior 2nd
Marc Maston
Las Vegas, NV
Senior 2nd
Chris Diaz
Las Vegas, NV
Senior 2nd
Nick Kravaritis
Athens, Greece
Senior 1st
Marco Hildebrandt
Luneburg, Germany
Senior 1st
Thomas Hertlein
Rothenburg, Germany
Senior 1st
Dave Bomer
Los Angeles, CA
Senior 1st
Mike Um
Loma Linda, CA
Senior 1st
Elias Bosch
Highland, CA
Senior 1st
Tina Richard
Kansas City, MO
Senior 1st
Tony Caro
Philadelphia, PA

Official Instructors & Ranked Members

Find Official Instructors or members that hold rank in Chinatown JKD.

Official Instructors
Members that teach that entire Chinatown JKD curriculum. The four instructor levels represent (for the most part) experience and hours taught. All official instructors are capable of passing on the art of Jeet Kune Do.

Ranked Members
Members that are officially recognized as being capable of performing the material within their level with at least 80% proficiency. They are not authorized to teach unless they hold a "Senior" or "Instructor" Rank.


If you have no prior experience in Jeet Kune Do you must study and complete Level 1 to 3 of the Chinatown JKD curriculum and pass the associated ranking tests. Once you have achieved 3rd rank, you may apply for apprentice instructorship. If you are currently an instructor of at least apprentice level (or equivalent) in Jeet Kune Do you may be eligible to apply for our instructors course without first completing Levels 1 to 3. Contact us for more information.

Our prices are reasonable. For example, the full Level 1 curriculum can be purchased for $99. The testing fee for the 1st Rank exam is $125. Contact us for more details.

That depends on three key factors: 1) Your attributes like speed, balance, coordination, etc. 2) Your character and temperament. 3) Your previous experience.

Rank testing is optional.

There are 9 ranks in total; Three 'Student' ranks, 2 'Student Trainer' ranks, and four Instructor ranks.