Seminars and Training


Open to all JKD practitioners regardless of rank, lineage, or membership status.

Winter/Spring 2021 training sessions will be conducted virtually.

Rank testing may be offered for qualified participants. Fees apply.


Senior instructors Dennis Blue and Jeremy Lynch are available for private training around the world. Host one or both for a weekend or full week of training at your school. You choose who attends the workshop. There is no hard limit on the number of students that may attend, but we suggest no more than 25 students per instructor.

A typical one day session lasts 5 hours. The host is responsible for all travel and lodging expenses. For full details on pricing and availability, please email

  • You are required to have at least one training partner to perform the techniques and drills while the instructor observes.
  • Rank testing is also available during private workshops. Fees apply.

No instructor, student, or member may claim to host an “Official Chinatown JKD Workshop” without the presence of a Senior Instructor or Director of the Chinatown JKD Association for the duration of the workshop.


The primary objective of the Trainer Development Program (and related clinics and workshops) is to make authentic Jeet Kune Do available globally while upholding the integrity of Chinatown-era Jeet Kune Do.

Summer / Fall 2018 Workshops To Be Announced

The TDW encompasses several parts:

  • Access to core material of and includes the annual trainer / instructor level association dues.
  • Live training to learn how to perform and teach the Chinatown JKD core curriculum, and have the chance to ask questions and hone your skills.
  • Live evaluation. During this evaluation, you will be asked to demonstrate your level of comprehension of the material as seen in the Level 1 course at
  • The qualifications and accreditation necessary to teach individuals the core curriculum.
  • Access to marketing materials for promotion of the Chinatown JKD brand.

This is also a chance for us to get to know each other, since we feel all of our trainers / instructors are part of our family.

The TDW is a 10-hour weekend workshop (typically Saturday and Sunday) for a limited number of participants.

The 10-hours excludes any time we discuss the various aspects of the art (outside of actual floor time).

Fees apply. Please contact us for pricing:


In order to uphold the skill levels and the integrity of our ranking system, all students of trainers must be evaluated for promotion by an official Chinatown JKD representative.

Testing can either be completed in person or by digitally recording a video and submitting it to the headquarters.

All video tests will be evaluated by the instructors at the headquarters and if standards are met will be authorized by the representative.

Upon approval, the name of the qualified individual will be added to the list of certified rank holders on and a rank certificate will be sent to the trainer to be awarded to the student.


You are required to remain a “Trainer” for a minimum of 12-months before you can be considered for an “Apprentice Instructorship” (unless you have been accepted into the “Instructor Fast Track Program”).


You must meet the following criteria to be eligible for accreditation as a Chinatown JKD Apprentice Instructor:

  • Completed the minimum requirement of 12-months in the Chinatown JKD Trainer Development Program (IFTP candidates are exempt).
  • Proper understanding and performance of Level 1 and Level 2 material (IFTP candidates may be exempt).
  • Actively engage in the promotion of Chinatown JKD brand (online: website, Facebook, Twitter etc.).
  • Graduated at least ONE student from beginner to 1st Rank (student must be approved via video testing or in person).
  • Be a part of our online trainer portal (monthly fee – does not apply to IFTP candidates).
  • Keep instructor and trainer status current by attending a minimum of ONE TDW annually and participate in any webinars and/or clinics (in their area). If unable to attend a TDW, you may be exempt for up to 1-year, however must still pay the Instructor-level Association Fees.

Please note: becoming an Apprentice Instructor is NOT automatic after the completion of the 12-month trainer program.

You must have a full understanding of the Level 1 and Level 2 material to graduate from Trainer status. Once you feel you are ready, you can apply to be tested (at a TDW or during clinics / camps). If you do NOT test after your 12-month TDW program, you will be a “Trainer” (or move to Senior 2nd status) until the the time you test for instructorship (you are still required to be a part of the annual TDW camp).

The trainer / instructor levels in Chinatown JKD are:
  • Trainer – Senior 1st*
  • Senior Trainer – Senior 2nd*
  • Apprentice Instructor
  • Assistant Instructor
  • Associate Instructor
  • Full Instructor
  • Senior Full Instructor

* Student Trainer ranks are not a necessary requirement to qualify for an “Apprentice Instructor” rank. IFTP candidates do not need to meet student trainer requirements.

Once you become an Apprentice Instructor, rank promotions are based on:
  • Time in rank.
  • Skill / knowledge (improvement in your skill-set as a practitioner and as an instructor).
  • Commitment to the Chinatown JKD program and brand.
  • Attendance and engagement of Chinatown JKD clinics, TDW, annual camps.

Please note: ALL students must become a member of the Chinatown JKD Association to receive ranking.


One of our instructors will come to your facility and train you 1-on-1 in Chinatown Jeet Kune Do for 4-days (20-hours of training). During this time you will receive the foundational skills to begin teaching the Chinatown JKD program. The following packages include a probationary Chinatown JKD Apprentice Instructor’s certification, which allows you to teach under the Chinatown JKD banner as an instructor in your school.

Do you have an additional instructor at your gym? For an additional fee you can have your partner join the IFTP, and we will grant him or her the same probationary Apprentice Instructors status upon completion of the IFTP training program. This will allow you to split the entire IFTP fee with your partner making it a lot more affordable.

As an added bonus, this package also includes an optional 3-hour seminar for your current students during our stay. This can help you offset any costs by allowing your students to help pay for your IFTP training.


– 20-hours of 1-on-1 training (5 hours per day)
– 3-hour workshop for your students (optional)
– One 1-year Probationary Apprentice Instructors Certification on completion of the workshop
– 1 year School Membership of the Chinatown JKD Association


– 20-hours of training with you and your partner (5 hours per day)
– 3-hour workshop for your students (optional)
– Two 1-year Probationary Apprentice Instructors Certificates on completion of the workshop
– 1 year School Membership of the Chinatown JKD Association


– 20-hours of training with you and your partner (5 hours per day)
– Two 1-year Probationary Apprentice Instructors Certificates on completion of the workshop
– 1 year School Membership of the Chinatown JKD Association

* Participants are responsible for airfare to airport in greater Los Angeles area – LAX or ONT

In addition to this, you will receive the following benefits:
  • The right to certify people through Level 1 of the Chinatown JKD curriculum (during your probationary year).
  • Full outline of Level 1 foundational curriculum and rank requirements for your students.
  • Access to our entire Level 1 through 3 video lessons (via
  • Free listing of your training facility in our online directory of instructors.
  • Access to instructors only group.
  • IFTP Online Trainers Portal (coming soon)
IFTP Program Application Requirements:
  • Must already be an instructor from a recognized system / organization, and/or receive a minimum of 1st Rank from Chinatown JKD Association. We reserve the right to require applicants to first achieve 1st Rank in Chinatown JKD prior to being accepted into the IFTP program.
  • Preferably have an established school location.

Please contact us for IFTP pricing.