Study Group Application

Chinatown JKD has always been taught in backyards and garages, and is still taught largely outside of the commercial martial school environment.

To facilitate a supportive training environment, we recommend interested individuals apply for study group status (called "Garage Groups" to pay homage to our roots).

These 'garage groups' are designed to support individuals who live in areas without a certified instructor or student trainer graduate, and allow like-minded individuals with a passion to learn Chinatown JKD to gather and train in an unofficial capacity.

* The application form is located at the bottom of this page. Before submitting your application, please read ALL of the information below.

The Study Group Leader

Because the Chinatown JKD study group leaders are NOT instructors or student trainers, they are NOT to teach the curriculum on their own. They MUST instead use the online JKD Lessons as their primary source of instruction.

These groups are strictly unofficial in capacity and exist to support learning and foster teamwork and future practitioners / student trainers.

There are no costs to become a Chinatown JKD Garage, however there are certain requirements to be met by a potential study group leader.


  • Must be an individual who is dedicated in learning the art of Chinatown JKD.
  • Must use the Chinatown JKD Online Lessons as the primary source of instruction during classes, and follow the curriculum during advertised classes.
  • Training must be FREE to members of study group (they CAN NOT charge for lessons).
  • Must have suitable training area (garage, backyard, gym).
  • Any training group must be outside of a 20 mile (32 km) radius of a certified student trainer or Chinatown JKD instructor.
  • Must have the minimum amount of training gear: 1 pair of focus mitts; 2 pairs of boxing gloves; 1 kicking shield and at least one pair of shin guards).

If accepted, the study group leader will be required to create a welcome message video, including an introduction (of themselves) and an overview of their training area. This will allow potential training partners to screen prospective study group leaders to see if they are a 'match' (if not, they could start their own group if requirements are met).

Disclaimer: A "Study Group Leader" is NOT a certified Chinatown JKD instructor or a student trainer. We have NOT verified their skills and have not qualified them as a student trainer or a CJKD instructor. When training with a study group, you are training at your own risk, and Chinatown JKD LLC,, the Chinatown JKD Association and all other related persons or entities are not responsible for any damages that result from training.

Benefits to becoming a Study Group Leader:

  • Free Training At the Official Chinatown JKD Headquarters (up to 5 lessons)
  • Discount on Chinatown JKD merchandise
  • Practice helping others learn the material
  • Train with others using a completely linear curriculum

The Student Trainer

As a Student Trainer (coach), you may now advertise and charge for lessons at the garage and teach the Core Curriculum without the aid of video lessons (if they so choose).

The student trainer is the first step to becoming an instructor in JKD, and are now representing the curriculum in an "official" capacity.

As student trainer and the leader of an official Chinatown JKD Garage Group, a student trainer must observe the following guidelines.


  • Must be an individual who is dedicated in learning the art of JKD.
  • Must use the Core Curriculum as set forth by during advertised classes.
  • All students MUST be a member in good standing of the Chinatown JKD Association (the student trainer may purchase the annual student membership fees for their students at $15 annually – They MUST charge $35 for the annual membership fee).
  • Must have suitable training area (garage, backyard, gym).
  • Must have the minimum amount of training gear: 1 pair of focus mitts; 2 pairs of boxing gloves; 1 kicking shield and at least one pair of shin guards).
  • The Student Trainer MUST be a current member of and the Chinatown JKD Association.
Disclaimer: A "Student Trainer" is NOT a certified Chinatown JKD instructor. They have been evaluated in-person by the Chinatown JKD Association and have achieved the rank of: Senior 1st", "Senior 2nd" or "Senior 3rd"; however they are unable to issue ANY rank in Chinatown JKD.

Already A Martial Arts Instructor?

If you're already an instructor of another martial art or own a martial arts school, you are allowed to establish a Study Group in your school under the condition that your eventual goal is to become a Student Trainer (and an official Chinatown JKD instructor) .

Benefits of starting a Study Group in your current martial arts school are:

  • Easy introduction to the curriculum set forth by and the Chinatown JKD Association.
  • Gauge interest level of current students.
  • Finding interested training partners to work the curriculum (which can be challenging for many).

Once you have established a Study Group in your gym, you have up to 12 months to complete and test for your Level 1 Certificate of Completion and qualify for the "Trainer Development Workshop". You must score 90% or above on the Level 1 test and register for a TDW within 12 months, otherwise your Study Group status will be revoked.

How to Apply For Study Group Status

1. Get the minimum amount of training gear required (see above).

2. Fill out the application form below.

3. Within one week of approval you will receive a request to upload a video introduction of yourself with a tour of your training area (you will also have to show that you have the necessary training equipment in the video). This does not have to be a high quality production, a simple video where you: state your name, prior martial arts training, what your training objectives are (goal of training in Chinatown JKD), and what your ideal training partner would be like.