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This group is closed as of Jan. 1, 2016.


Lahore, Punjab

Rehan Malick

Background in Wing Chun under the tutelage of Richard Guerra of the Leung Ting School of Wing Tsun in Austin, TX, Aaron Vyvial of the Moy Yat School in Austin, TX, and more recently under David Peterson of the Wong Shun Leung lineage, at his Malaysia school. Also, MMA at a local gym here in Pakistan (the first in Pakistan) with two amateur fights.

-Ideal Training Partner-

I currently run garage schools for Wing Chun and Battlefield Kali. My ideal training partner is someone the complete opposite of me in regards to my technique, physical attributes, etc. That would, not only keep me in check, but also help me develop better. During our Wing Chun sessions, I make it a point, to my training partners, to get as much practice with others as possible.

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