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Matt Wong

Close Quarters Combat, including Hand to Hand, Knives, Weapon Disarming, Lethal/Non-Lethal Methods (Canadian Armed Forces)
– Weapons, including Knives, Katana, Nunchaku, Staff, Baston (Minor Formal Instruction and Self-Study)
– Ving Tsun (Minor Formal Instruction)
– JKD (Self-Study: Tao Of Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Lee’s Complete Fighting Method, Jeet Kune Do as edited by John Little, Chinatown JKD Level 1)

-Ideal Training Partner-

To describe my Ideal Training Partner with great detail, in a way, creates limitations. I do request the will, the determination and the dedication required to become a true martial artist. We can not be taught JKD, only shown the way to explore ourselves. The person must seek this knowledge for good, not to harm people but to protect those they love and defend those who cannot defend themselves. If you understand my words, then you may be my Ideal Training Partner.

-Contact Matt-

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