Study Groups in the USA


Cabot, AR

William “Buddy” Masters

I am a 4th degree black belt and certified instructor in Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate and Kobudo under Master Fusei Kise of Okinawa, Japan. I have trained in Okinawan Shorin Ryu since 1984. I am also an Apprentice Instructor Level 3 for JKD, Kali and Silat under Guro Ray Parra of Austin, Texas. I started training under Guro Parra in 2011.

-Ideal Training Partner-

Anyone who is eager to learn and who does not have any ill intent in using what they know to harm others.

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Long Beach, CA

Gilbert Vega

Official Apprentice Instructor of Chinatown JKD.

I’ve studied Jeet Kune Do with the JKD Wednesday Night Group in Redlands, CA as well as Tae Kwon Do, MMA, and Boxing.

-Ideal Training Partner-

Someone who is dedicated and dependable.

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Elizabeth, CO

Dan Figueroa

Kempo Karate. Krav Maga Force Instructor 1-5 assistant instructor Denver Police Dept. Gracie Jiu Jitsu beginner. Progressive JKD Instructor Paul Vunak.

-Ideal Training Partner-

Someone who wants to learn JKD and is willing to train in a group setting.

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Rocky Hill, CT

John Roderick

Boxing. Muay Thai-Senior Instructor/Kru under Kru Phil Nurse. JKD Instructor-Associate Level under Sifu Richard Bustillo. Purple Belt BJJ.

-Ideal Training Partner-

Honest. Respectful. Intelligent. Dedicated. Diligent. Thoughtful. Disciplined.

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Miami, FL

Dennys Trabada

Chinese Boxing since I was 10 years old. Trained JKD under a student of Richard Bustillo in the mid 90’s. Certified Wing Chun Instructor under Sam Hing Fai Chan. Owner/Instructor of the Miami Wing Chun Kung Fu School.

-Ideal Training Partner-

A training partner that can help me get to the next level of my training and express new ideas of techniques that will enhance innovation.

-Contact Dennys- – 786-664-8750


Richmond, KY

John Robinson

Trained from about 1991 to 1996 in American Kenpo Karate, earning my black belt there, then teaching again from 98-2000. Took some years off before getting in JKD and Kali with Keith Allan around 2008-2009. Trained with Keith for sometime then opened a small studio, teaching some JKD and MMA. Coached about a dozen MMA fighters with Keith as well. Did some cross training in BJJ and Sambo, but honestly not too good at the grappling (yet). Keith introduced me to Burt Richardson and in Jan 2009 I started the video curriculum with Burt, and earned my 1st Level Instructor in August 2010, testing at the Headquarters in Hawaii.

-Ideal Training Partner-

Someone who shows up and works hard. I like training with humble people who just want to train hard and have fun.

-Contact John- – 859-248-5275
Facebook: chinatownjkdmcg


Las Vegas, NV

Marc Maston

Tai Kung Fu (Kempo) Brown Belt. Muay Thai 2.5 years under Master Toddy. Combat Hapkido, 7 years, (under John Sergent 3rd degree black belt). I would like to continue training in the martial arts and am always looking for programs that deal with practical application for self defense.

-Ideal Training Partner-

Someone who is willing to be open minded and accept that they may not already know all there is to know about martial arts. An individual who is willing to take constructive feedback as well as give me feedback so my technique can improve. An individual who is dedicated to the study of the art and is consistent in attending training sessions. Also an individual of good character and has a strong moral foundation.

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Geneva, NY

Fred Warder

Started training in TKD as a child, continued that through college. Studied some BJJ in College- mostly club training, nothing formal. Been a Student of Kali under 3-4 different instructors for 8+ years. Currently train in Silat, Arnis and Pekiti Tirsia Kali. Started training in JKD (Inasanto Blend) last year as well- Instructor lives some distance away and have taken privates in 3-5 hr blocks monthly, or as time permits- very limited access to the teacher and he is possibly moving in 1 year out of state.

-Ideal Training Partner-

Someone willing to learn Martial Arts for the right reasons and motivations. Good character. Open to leaning new concepts (someone that doesn’t have all the answers!). Someone that helps motivate me and makes the training fun as well as hard.

-Contact Fred-

Woodgate, NY

Andrew M. Croniser

25 Years in the martial arts. Started in ITF Style TaeKwonDo, achieving 1st Degree Black Belt and Certified Instructor (started a school teaching average of 30 students). For the past 15 plus years though I’ve trained and teach Chinese Kenpo Karate “Sullivan & LeRoux” Lineage (system influenced some with Poteet JKD lineage) which I’ve achieved 6th Degree Black Belt Certified Instructor status. I teach classes at 3 locations with a mix of approximenty 75 children and adult students. The past couple of years, I have also cross trained in Arnis and Inosanto Kali, And also, Sifu Derderian & Sifu Kevin Seaman lineage JKD via video and live Seminars when possible.

-Ideal Training Partner-

Someone with integrity. Everything else will fall into place.

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Marion, NC

Scot Robinson

Second degree black belt in Goju-Shorin karate.

-Ideal Training Partner-

Dedicated and hard working, respectful and laid back. Looking to enjoy the fun of training while increasing skill.

-Contact Scot-


Parma, OH

Rick Ray

I started training in 1972, my first experience was with Kajukenbo then moved to Hung gar and some Northern Shaolin. I purchased the Tao of JKD and the Fighting series books in the late 70’s and began trying to teach myself JKD from those sources while I continued my training in Kung Fu and Kajuknebo.

Also in the late 70’s I began to dabble in TKD and Judo. In 1982 I began training in Bujinkan martial arts which I continue to this day and own a school teaching that art. In the mid 80’s (84-87)I finally met and trained with Dan Inosanto And Larry Hartsel. I attended many seminars with them all through 80’s and up to mid 90’s.

Along with that I of course was exposed via seminar to many of the teachers that the JKD concepts crowd sought out. Edgar, Herman, Pak Vic etc.. I eventually received apprentice under Larry. I talked often to Sifu Jerry in the 90’s and did some training with one of his guys in PA.

Of course over the years I amassed a huge collection of books and videos on JKD and related topics as well. At one point i was teaching for a JKD Concepts guy here in Ohio who was under Sifu Larry and Sifu Dan. And even had my own JKD school for some years.

I have studied BJJ quit a bit since 1991, wrestled in grade school and high school, studied Judo as an adult and some of the foundation ryu from which Judo came (some are a part of our Budo Taijutsu art) I studied a variety of traditional Japanese schools and received traditional ranking in them.

I have a good amount of experience in Wing Chun starting in the 80’s with seminars and with a direct teacher fro years Buddy Woo, I currently continue my study in wing chun and internal Chinese arts (Tai chi, ba gua and Ba ji).

I have experience in boxing and Muay Thai (never in the ring though other than sparring of course)I have trained in kali since the mid 1980’s with Dan Inosanto through seminars and local teachers.

In terms of seminars I have trained with a great amount of folks from various styles since the mid 1980’s.

-Ideal Training Partner-

My ideal partner will be a person with proper motivation, although JKD is for very effective fighting in a street fight, I am not interested in meeting punks or trouble makers. I am looking for people who are consistent in training, serious, and work hard. No egos!

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Gresham, OR

Jeremiah Hammon

I have been training Martial arts since November of 2011. I trained specifically out of Bernales Institute of Martial Arts SLC, Utah under Ajarn (Sifu) William Bernales, Sifu Ray Rosales, Khru Ma’afu, and Khru Fugit.

I studied JKD, Kali, Silat, and Muay Thai. Sifu Will is a certified instructor for JKD, KALI, and Silat under Guru Dan and now an Ajarn under Master Chai for the TBA. I spent most of time training at BIMA during the last 5 years and have recently moved to Portland OR which lacks a proper JKD facility (I cannot find one that has true ties to Master Bruce or Guru Dan).

I also have the same amount of years learning strength and conditioning under some pretty rad people as well. I will be a certified coach by the end if the year as well as a level one Kettle bell instructor.

-Ideal Training Partner-

Someone who has the willingness to learn and dedication to the arts.

-Contact Jeremiah-


Clarksville, TN

Danny Ray Joines

27 years in the Martial Arts. Studied under Rick Davenport in what I call Kickboxing. It was a mix of Burmese Bando and Shaolin KungFu with Western Boxing. Also 4 years of Wrestling and currently (last 3 yrs) Wing Chun (David Cruz) and BJJ (Luiz Palhares/ Daniel Rolley).

-Ideal Training Partner-

Eager to train. Someone who wants to learn JKD not Kali. Someone serious enough to have their own gear and who can train on a regular basis.

-Contact Danny-


Amarillo, TX

Dan Knight

Senior 2nd Rank – Chinatown JKD
Jeet Kune Do (various instructors) -3 years
Wing Chun Kung Fu -1 year
Marine Corps Martial Arts -4 years

-Ideal Training Partner-

My ideal training partner is someone who’s passion for JKD is similar to mine. Someone who is willing to train often and wants to learn original JKD from Chinatown. Also they must be willing to spar because that is essential in JKD training.

-Contact Dan-

Houston, TX

Kevin Quick

Hi, I am Kevin Quick, Owner and an Instructor at Quick’s Tactical Ninjutsu in Houston, Texas. I have been training with Clint Bodungen and Aaron Shbeeb in Force Necessary Tactical Ninjutsu for the last 4 years and have been actively training in Jeet Kune Do for 5 years. I have had the pleasure of attending seminars with Tim Tackett here in Houston at our Dojo and have been actively training several of his DVD’s and Chinatown JKD textbooks Volume I and II. Over the last five years I have had the pleasure of attending seminars with Tim Tackett and Hock Hochheim and have obtained several Black belts. I am up for 3rd Degree Black belt in Tactical Ninjutsu and I will be testing for 2nd Degree Black belt Force Necessary Knife/Counter Knife Combat in 2016.

-Ideal Training Partner-

My Ideal training partner would no doubt be Bruce Lee himself. So, a training partner who is committed, consistent, open minded and physically fit. Someone open to new challenges and training regimens to stimulate and strengthen the muscular system as well as the cardiovascular system. An ideal training partner would motivate me to become better every day in martial arts and a better person in life. I would prefer a training partner who reads and studies martial arts as much as I do so we can discuss things from two points of view. Also, someone relatively my size and weight while refining and learning new tools eventually to test the tools on different size people. Last but not least, my ideal training partner would not use their fighting tools outside of the Dojo unless necessary and have the intelligence to know the difference between force necessary and unnecessary.

-Contact Kevin-

San Antonio, TX

Roland Malone

Brazilian jiujitsu: 19yrs/ 2nd degree black belt under Master Pedro Sauer 8th degree Red/black belt.
Judo: 8yrs/ 1st degree black belt under Professor Thomas Connor 5 degree black belt.
Additional training in Arnis, Wing Chun, JKD, and Savate.

-Study Group Schedule-

Sunday afternoon 3:30pm-4:30pm

-Contact Roland-

Mobile: 210.789.8634
A&A Martialarts and Fitness
9023 Huebner Road Suite #103
San Antonio, TX 78240

Stephenville, TX

Marc Gaxiola

I was introduced to Martial arts back in 1984 when I was just 17 by Jack Colemen– a GoJu Ryu instructor who I had the pleasure of training under for 4 years. I later studied Saito Ninjitsu under Shannon Phelps until we moved to North Texas, where I began private study in both Pekiti-Tirsia Kali under Tim Waid, and JKD privately with Raymond Crow– a full instructor under both Dan Inosanto and Richard Bustillo. Currently I’m putting all of my focus into the Chinatown JKD program and I must say that I’m thoroughly impressed with the instructors and their methods of teaching. Their program is very well laid out and is taught in a way that has a very natural progression that’s easy to understand and pass on to my students.

-Ideal Training Partner-

I don’t think anybody knows for certain where JKD would be today had Mr. Lee not passed so early. So I feel it’s our obligation to respect and preserve what he did leave us with. Jeet Kune Do is an art that I think somebody could spend a lifetime studying and still never fully realize all that it has to offer. My ideal training partner would have the same respect and appreciation as I do for Mr. Lee’s work, and is as excited as I am about learning all that we can about Jeet Kune Do.

-Contact Marc-